Pop Rock Music in the 90's - 2000's in TURKEY

The 1990s
The 1990s was the explosion of pop music in Turkey. The new technical possibilities brought several young singers onto the circuit one after the other, but most of them faded away quickly. What must be emphasized is that during the last 20 years, pop music has gradually become the fundamental direction in popular music in Turkey. As consumer culture has turned into a concrete lifestyle in this decade, it has also entered the behavior and attitude of large sections of pop society, and turned into a mode of behavior itself. As this new tempo has brought with it a homogenization, it has become extremely difficult to talk about original and lasting examples, or the permanence of any singers. For this reason, within this tempo of consumption, we saw fit to include just a very few singers who have earned the right to be called "enduring." Perhaps in years to come this number will increase. It is precisely because pop, in its true definition, is a quickly-consumed commodity, that we have made such a limited choice. Otherwise there would be several more singers deserving of mention.

So, let's look at the singers we've chosen to represent the 90s. We included the song "Abone" (Subscriber) by Yonca Evcimik. The "dance" and new rhythm of consumption is clear to see in Evcimik's music, which is a good representative of the new techno-pop style. Drawing in millions - including children - the song "Abone" and the album on which it's included, was the first ever to sell 2.5 million copies. This song symbolized the fast tempo of urban life.
The video clip of Yonca Evcimik's "Bandıra Bandıra" from her second album

Sertap Erener, preened and launched into fame by Sezen Aksu, is in our opinion one of the most important voices in our pop history. Here we include her song "Sakin Ol" (Calm down).

It's no secret that Tarkan is the greatest mega-star to emerge during the 90s. Managing to endure with his skillful performance and composition, Tarkan became the star both of children and grandmothers. We have included his hit, "Simarik" (Kiss Kiss) in our list.

We also saw fit to add a piece each from Teoman and Haluk Levent, who both gained a wide public in the 1990s. Teoman's "Babamin Öldügü Yastayim" (I'm the age my father was when he died) and Haluk Levent's "Akdeniz Aksamlari" (Mediterranean nights) held special significance for us in rock history.

The 2000s

In the last decade, there has been a growth of Turkish rock bands such as Mor ve Otesi,Çilekeş,Dorian,Duman and Manga,the latter having won the "Best Rock Band" award in almost all polls in 2005.The specific influences acting upon these bands fall into wide range of genres from the Seattle Sound to heavy or Doom Metal or Rapcore.
Mor ve Otesi-Bir Derdim Var


Manga-We could be the same (first runner-up in Eurovision 2010)

Also,electronic music gets a Turkish twist by Mercan Dede who incorporates traditional instruments from Turkey and other parts of the world,with horns, drum'n'bass dance beats, ambient electronic music and a Sufi sprituality.
Mercan Dede

Turkey finally wins the Eurovision in 2003 with Sertab Erener singing the song "Everyway that I can", co-written by Demir Demirkan.

The 2005 german movie "Crossing the Bridge" by Fatih Akın can also be named as an influence of acceptance of Turkish pop in Europe.In it, Alexander hacke,a German musician, travels to İstanbul to get to know the music scene.His sparse voice overs of what he experiences are a guiding line through the film.But,mainly he lets various artists from İstanbul do the talking-and of course their music.
Trailer of Crosing the Bridge

In the new millenium a new group of performers entered the scene of which Emre Aydın, Demet Akalın, Hande Yener and Serdar Ortaç gained much popularity.
Emre Aydın

Demet Akalın