Pop Rock Music in the 90's and 2000's in Romania

THE ROCK MUSIC appeared in the Romanian musical environment at the beginning of the 60’s and still goes on. A turning point in this matter was the 1989’s revolution, which not only changed the country regime from communism to democracy, but it was also a turning point in rock music – this kind of music was a trend against the communist policyand was greatly influenced by the political limitations and censorship. The metal rock was vaguely attempted by the Romanian bands of the 1980’s. After the 1989 revolution many bands tried to catch up with this kind of international trend. The 1990’s and 2000’s witnessed many subgenres of rock proliferated in the West, the Romanian bands trying to combine the traditional Folk music with Rock language.
THE POP MUSIC – even after the political changes in Romania, what was called “light music”– associated with the pop music in the West, is still considered light music. Consequently the Romanian pop music repertoire is limited to the native comporsers’ pieces of music, beginning with the 1990’s.

The 1990's

01_Laura Stoica1.jpg 01_Laura Stoica2.jpg
Laura Stoica was a Romanian pop music singer, composer and actress. She is considered the most important rock soloist in Romania, and one of the strongest and most remarkable feminine personalities on the Romanian stage. In the 1990’s, taking advantage of her great talent and beauty, she managed to create an original style and a valuable self image, being considered the first Rock feminine figure in the Romanian rock. She died in a car crash on March 6, 2006, while coming from a concert.
Un actor grăbit (Actor in a hurry)
Văd cum stai, te framânți,
Și-ți lipsește curajul
De a-mi spune ce s-a-ntâmplat,
Dar eu știu, nu ai cum să te-ascunzi acum,
Nu căuta un alt drum.
I see you standing, puzzled,
You lack the guts
To tell me what happened
But I already know, you can't hide now
Don't look for other ways.

Alte mâini fierbinți,
Și-alte nopți de dor;
Alte brațe te cer,
Dar în viața mea,
Vei rămâne doar un trecător.
Other warm arms
And other hot nights,
Other arms call you
But in my life
You shall be just a passer-by.

Nu știi ce să îmi spui,
Văd cum cauți în grabă
Cuvinte care mă mint,
Însă nu are rost,
Știu că-n fața mea ai fost...
You don't know what to tell me
I see how you're hastily looking
For words to lie to me
But there's no point
I know that for me you were...

Refren (Chorus)
Un actor grăbit, care-și spune replica și-apoi a plecat zâmbind,Un actor grăbit, care-a și uitat ce a rostit pe scenă,Un actor grabit, care pleacă imediat ce piesa a luat sfârșit,Bucuros că rolul a fost ușor, aleargă spre alt... decor.
An actor in a hurry, who reads his line and leaves smiling,An actor in a hurry, who already forgot what he uttered on the stage,An actor in a hurry, who leaves as soon as the play is over,Glad that his part was easy, he runs to another... setting.

Văd cum stai, te framânți,
Și-ți lipsește curajul
De a-mi spune ce s-a-ntâmplat,
Dar eu știu, nu ai cum să te-ascunzi de mine,
Nu căuta un alt drum.
I see you standing, puzzled,
You lack the guts
To tell me what happened
But I already know, you can't hide now
Don't look for other ways.

Vrei să joci un alt rol,
Dar nu poți convinge,
Ai vrea să cred că ți-e greu!
Însă nu are rost,
Știu că-n fața mea ai fost
You want to play another part
But you can't convince me
You wish I believed that it's hard for you
But there's no point,
I know that for me you were...

07_Paula Seling1.jpg 07_Paula Seling2.jpg

Paula Seling graduated “Gh. Sincai“ High School, Baia Mare, in 1997 and the Journalism College, Bucharest. She studied canto and the piano. She is well known as a singer, TV presenter, composer, as a former radio producer and as a member of the international jury –season 1-X FACTOR. In her honours list there are a lot of trophies and prizes

  • The trophy of Mamaia (1997) for the song “Trurli”
  • The trophy of the GOLDEN STAG, Brasov, 2002 - for the songs “Noapte calda” (Her own composition known in English as “If You Want It”) and “That Old devil Called Love”.
  • The best Female voice in Romania at the Romanian Music Industry (2002)

She sang together with Al Bano, Anita Doth (the soloist of the band 2 Unlimited), Tony Hawks and also in the opening of the extraordinary concerts sustained in Romania by Joan Baez (July27,1997), Chick Corea (November 9, 1998), Michael Bolton (July 7, 2007), Beyonce (October 26, 2006). On May 2010, together with her partner Ovidiu Cernauteanu, gets the third prize in the Final Eurovision 2010 - OSLO, with the song “Playing with fire”. In 2011 she accepts the invitation of Walt Disney Romania to ”lend” her voice, for the first time to a cartoon - Holley Speed – in the cartoon Cars 2, as the original voice belonged to Emily Mortime.

Playing With Fire

Girl girl girl can't you see
What you do to me tonight
Boy boy boy if you're mean
I will start a fight tonight

You and I could try to stop
Uh boy till you drop
If we get together now
We'll burn this place down

You and me can't you see
We're playing with fire
Tell me now do you feel
This burning desire.
Don't stop make it rock
Is taking us higher
Could it be just a dream
Are you running away?

Boy boy boy what a fight
Come and spend with me the night
Girl girl girl are you sure
I ain't here to fight

You and I could try to stop
Uh boy till you drop
If we get together now
We'll burn this place down

You and me can't you see
We're playing with fire
Tell me now do you feel
This burning desire
Don't stop make it rock
Is taking us higher
Could it be just a dream
Are you running away?
If we get together now
We'll burn thïs place down.

11_marcel pavel0.jpg 11_marcel pavel2.jpg
Marcel Pavel was born in 1959 in Independence village, Galati County, but spent his childhood in Campulung Muscel where his parents moved when he was three. He is part of a family of musicians, his father being a violinist, a very good instrumentalist, part of Marcel’s training being given by his father. His brothers are also instrumentalists, MickyPavel - saxophone, keyboards, and soloist, Gigi Pavel - living in Germany – a professional saxophone player, Gina Pavel - a pianist and soloist. Their grandfather was as well known and beloved folkplayer - Ion Taras. Although their mother was never implied in music, Marcel Pavel considers that he owes everything to his mother.
The artist showed his passion for music when he was three, when he started with drums. He started his musical training at six years old, and when in the fouth grade he went to the The School of Music and Arts in Campulung Muscel, Arges County, studying the cello and the piano. He remembers those years with great joy and pride, and especially the town CampulungMuscel where he spent his childhood and started his artistic activity.
Then he attended the High School of Music and Arts in Pitesti studying percussion with private lessons, enjoying playing rock and jazz-rock. He graduated in canto at the National Academy of Music, from Bucharest. Today he is a composer, and poli-instrumentalist, as he can play bass guitar, cello, contrabass, piano and percussion. Since 1981 he has started a lot of concerts abroad: Holand, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France (Paris), Switzerland(Lausanne, Geneva), Austria, Poland Egypt, Israel, U.S.A., Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Ciprus, Estonia, Moldavia.
As a result of the experience he has gained along those years, in the summer of 2000 he became a national star with the song “My Beautiful One” composed by Ovidiu Komornik. He hopes this song will last for ever in the Romanians’hearts.
The album “My beaufiful One ”was already sold in 250,000 copies-it got the Platinum Disk.
He also won a lot of prizes:

  • 1996- First Prize for “A Midnight Voice” awarded by the Musical News Magazine-a magazine released twice a month by the Romanian Composers and Musicians Organisation
  • 2000-the prize “The Voice of the Year“ - awarded by the Musical News Magazine
  • 2002- he qualified first for Eurovision Contest together with Monica Anghel, Ionel Tudor and Mirela Fugaru
  • 2006 - The Diploma of Excellence from the Romanian Radio and Television Association, for his contribution to the history of television
  • 2013 - the prize “Best Live Act 2013“ for the concert “Very Classic” performed at Palace Hall-Bucharest-accompanied by 140 musicians and asrtists. The concert took place the same day with the launching of the “Very Classic“ CD.

Frumoasa mea (My beautiful one)

Frumoasa esti, iubita mea
La ceas tarziu in noapte
Tu stralucesti in viata mea
Te rog asculta-mi inima
Priveste-ma si nu pleca
Ramai te rog in viata mea.
You are my beautiful love
At this late hour in the night
You are shining in my life
Please, listen to my heart
Look at me and do not leave
Please stay in my life.

Cand vine noaptea eu adorm
Cu gandul iar la tine
Sa vii din nou in visul meu,
Sa vii inapoi la mine
Sa te opresc sa ma trezesc
Și tu să fii cu mine.
When night comes,
I fall asleep thinking again about you
For you to come in my dream,
To come back to me
To stop you,
To wake up and you to be with me.

Refren (Chorus)
Frumoasa mea in noaptea asta, să ne iubim ca doi nebuni
Sa fiu altarul vietii tale, să fiu iubitul tau dintai
Sa fiu altarul vietii tale, să fiu iubitul tau dintai
My beautiful, tonight, let's love each other like two crazy people
To be the altar of your life, to be your first lover
To be the altar of your life, to be your first lover.

Tu iarasi pleci din visul meu
Si sufletul imi plange
As vrea sa pot sa te opresc
Dar vraja ta se stinge
As vrea sa pot sa te opresc
Dar vraja ta se stinge.
You are leaving in my dream again
And my soul cries
I wish I could stop you
But the spell breaks
I wish I could stop you
But the spell breaks.

Ce mult aș vrea să te-ntâlnesc
Când soarele apare
Să fim dar noi doi pe pământ
Să ne iubim în mare
Să fim doar noi doi tu și eu
Să ne iubim în mare.

I wish so much to meet you when the sun is rising in the sky
Only the two of us to be on earth
To love each other in the sea (To make love in the sea)
Only the two of us to be, you and me
To love each other in the sea (To make love in the sea).


04_Voltaj0.jpg 04_Voltaj2.jpg
VOLTAJ is a Romanian rock-electronic band. It won the prize BEST ROMANIAN ACT at MTV Europe Music Awards in 2005. In February 1999, Voltaj launched their first great single in their musical history - THAT IS LIFE, a hit that was followed on July 12, 1999, by the album MAXIMUM RISK 2.
They had sustained many concerts around the country, both in famous concert halls as on big arenas, a great number of concert tours and festivals. In December 1999 they won the trophy THE GOLDEN MICROPHONE for the best rock album Meanwhile , the band launched the album BUNGEE (2000), where there is the famous hit LITTLE BEE and then “3 R hi D (2001) that brought to the public attention songs like “Twenty Years”.
20 de ani (I am twenty)
Refren x2 (Chorus x2)
Tânăr vreau mereu să fiu
Să trăiesc așa cum știuCa la 20 de ani,Fără griji și fără bani.
I wish I were forever young
Live as I know
Like at the time when I was twenty
Without worries and without money.

Pentru cei care credCă viața e făcută doar să numeri,Numeri banii și cum trec aniiVă spun acum, trăiți acumViața e frumoasă, oricum,Oricum e ea, ușoară, grea.
For those who think that life is made
Only to count the money and the years passing byI tell you nowLive nowYour life is beautifulWhatever she’s like, easy, hard.
Refren x2 (Chorus x2)

Pentru cei care credCă-n viață nu mai e nici o plăcereMai ia o bere și înc-o bereIubește-o acum sau uit-o acumViața e frumoasă, oricum,Orïcum e ea, ușoară, grea.
For those who think that in your life
There’s no more pleasure
Grab a bear, and another one
Love now or forget
Now your life is beautiful
Whatever she’s like, easy, hard.

Refren x7 (Chorus x7)

06_Vama veche0.jpg 06_Vama veche2.jpg06_Vama veche3.jpg
06_Vama veche4.jpg

VAMA VECHE is a rock band founded in 1996. It was founded by Traian Balanescu (key boards), Liviu Manescu (bass), Tudor Chirila (vocals). It is a band that wanted to be considered as non-conformistsand pathfinders and this thing was best represented by their third album-a rock masterpiece - that gave way to a real show. ”Ï Shall Return a Man” stirred a lot of controversy. The CD narrates the story of a young man, recruited for the compulsory military service and who commits suicide a few days before finishing his service, because of the countless sufferances and humiliation suffered during the twelve months spent in the army. In the summer of 2010 - the two bands that were formed in 2006 - Vama (Customs) and TrupaVeche (Old Band) came to an agreement regarding the interpretation of the songs from the repertoire of VamaVeche (Old Customs), as both bands had the right to interpret those pieces of music.

18 ani (I am 18 years old)
Am doar optișpe ani,Sunt nebun iubesc și nu am bani!Nimeni nu-mi stă în drum,Am șoseaua mea doar cu-n singur sens mă va duce undeva.
I am just 18
I am crazy, in love and I don't have money
Nobody stands in my way
I have my own road with one direction, it will lead me somewhere

Bacu l-am luat ușor,Am copiat la mate și la sport.Școala s-a terminat,Libertate frate, poate facultate, și viață de noapte.I passed the examination easily
I cheated in maths and sportsSchool is overFreedom brother, maybe college and night life
RefrenVisele mele se împlinesc
Când bat din palme sau când clipesc!
Inspir (respir) iubire,Expir (mănânc) iubire,Vă dau la toți și vă molipsesc.Nimic în lume nu mă opreșteSă urlu tare: "SUNT FERICIT!!! "Nu-mi strigați ce să fac,Fiindcă timpu-i un acIar noi suntem ața din el!
My dreams come true
While I clap or blink
I breathe love
I eat love
I give you all and contaminate you.
Nothing in the world stops me
From screaming I AM HAPPY!!!
Don't shout at me what to do
Because time is a needle
And we are the string in it

Ziua când te-am văzut
Inima mi s-a urcat în gât,Și n-a mai coborât,Bate-acolo sus iar când te sărut cinci bătăi în plus pe minut.
The day I saw you
My heart throbbed in my neck
And never went down
It beats up there and when I kiss you there are five more beats per minute

Nu mai vreau altceva,
Ochii verzi și părul tău mi-ajung.Stai nu te mai mișca!Asta-i poza noastră, 28 februarie, la metrou la gară ne iubiiiiimm!
I don't want anything else
The green eyes and your hair are enough for me
Sit still, don't move
This is our picture, 28 of february, at the subway at the railway station we love each other


Numai pentru noi doi,Timpul să se-oprească într-o joi.Și să îl păcălim,Să-i dăm drumul din nou și să o ia din loc doar când o fi să ne despărțim!
Only for us to
Should the time stop on a Thursday
And to trick him
To let him go again and it to start over only when it will come for us to break up.

Lume cât te iubesc!Sufletul mi-e bombă, explodez!Vise în mii de părți,Vi le fac cadou, împliniți-le voi, visul meu îl trăiesc chïar acum.
World how much I love you!
My soul is a bomb, I explode!
Dreams in thousand of fragments
I offer them as a gift to you (people), you’d fulfil them, I am living my dream right now..

09_Taxi2.jpg 09_Taxi1.jpg

TAXI is a Romanian pop rock band, founded in 1999. Their latest album “Those few words“, launched in 2011, had a great success. The single that gives the name of the album was accompanied by an original video clip, in which 26 famous men struggle to utter those three words: I LOVE YOU (in Romanian -two words- Te Iubesc). The song had such a great success, that the song was translated into many foreign languages, recorded and sung by singers from Moldavia, Poland and even Sweeden. Starting from this song there was launched the project Those few Words (those three words-project.com) where everybody can record his/her own version of the song and can send it to his/her beloved.
Cele două cuvinte Those few words

Sunt bărbat, nu sunt deloc complicat
Sunt relativ simplu; ce-am în inimă am și-n minte.
Spun deschis tot ce gândesc, mai puțin
Când vine vorba despre cele două cuvinte.
Cuvintele-alea două pe care-ai vrea să le-auzi într-una, tu,
Însă dacă nu ți le spun, nu înseamnă că nu... că nu.
Și să știi că eu...
Eu încerc da' nu prea reușesc,
Cred că nu e specific bărbătesc.
Totuși, o să-ncerc să îți șoptesc: te iu...

I'm a guy, I'm not a complicated guy,

I'm relatively simple, I have a heart and a mind.
I speak openly what I think, just that ..
When comes to those few words.
Those few words, you want to hear me utter over and over .
But just because I can't say them
Doesn't mean that I don't...hm...no.
I want you to know...
I'm trying but I can't do it.
I don't think this is a guy stuff.
But I'll try to wisper in your ear: I lov...

Sunt bărbat, nu sunt genetic structurat
Să spun așa ceva. Părerea mea.
Și sunt convins că la fel s-a-ntâmplat
Și cu aia dinaintea mea;
Toți strămoșii mei au avut de vânat, de luptat, de inventat
Roata și becul, și televizorul, și geaca de piele cu ținte,
Pe scurt, nu le-a stat capul la cele două cuvinte.
Da' să știi că eu...
Eu încerc da' nu prea reușesc,
Cred că nu e specific bărbătesc.
Totuși, o să-ncerc să îți șoptesc: te iu...

I'm a guy, I'm not genetically structured,
To say those words. It's my opinion,
That the same has happened
To all the other guys
Before me.
All my ancestors were busy with hunting,and fighting,and inventing:
The weel and the electric bulb and the TV and the leather jacket.
In a word, none of them has ever stopped to think about those words.
I want you to know...
I'm trying hard but I can't do it.
I don't think this is a guy stuff.
But I'll try to wisper it to your ear: I lov...(aham)

Și nu-nțeleg de ce nu-mi acorzi credit nici măcar cât unui câine
Care te iubește chiar dacă nu-ți vorbește.
Pe bune, nu știu ce vrei. E suficient să te uiți în ochii mei.
Și să știi că eu...
Eu încerc da' nu prea reușesc,
Cred că nu e specific bărbătesc.
Totuși, o să-ncerc să iți șoptesc: te iu...
Eu o să-ncerc să îţi şoptesc: te iu... băi, ce greu e... nu, că pot!
Totuși, o să-ncerc să îţi şoptesc: te ïubesc.

I don't understad why,

You can't give me the same credit you give to a dog

That loves you but can't say it.

Really, I don't understand what you want from me.

It's enough to look into my eyes to see it.

I'm trying hard but I can't do it. No.

I don't think this is a guy stuff.

But I'll try it to wisper it to your ear: I lov..yo...

I'll try to wisper it to your ear: I lov..

(Man, that's hard! Com'on, I can do it.)

I'll try to wisper it to your ear: [Quickly] I love you!

The 2000's
05_Andra1.jpg 05_Andra2.jpg
ANDRA is an important Romanian TV STAR and POP and R&B singer. Andra launches her first single in 2001, when she was only 14 years old, being on the charts since then, in the Romanian top 100. She has launched 12 albums up to now and her singles have been great hits in the country and abroad, being sold in more than 500,000 copies.

08_Stefan Banica1.jpg 08_Stefan Banica4.jpg
08_Stefan Banica2.jpg
is a well known light music and rock singer, theatre and cinema actor, born on October 16, 1967, in Bucharest, his father being the famous comedy actor Stefan Banica Senior. Stefan Jr. appeared on stage since he was an adolescent being very successful in the famous movie about the teens of the 1990’s - “The Highschool Students” (released in 1986). Stefan Banica Jr. is often considered, minding the proportions, an Elvis Presley or Shakin Stevens of the Romanian Rock music, not only regarding his interpretative style, but also as looks.
There is already a tradition in keeping special concerts on Christmas at The Palace Hall in Bucharest, this has been happening for ten years now. Every year his concerts astonish the audience due to the light effects, special screens, graphic effects, surprise guests, dancing and exceptional live interpretations. The president of Romania honoured him on May 13, 2004 with The Cultural Order as a Knight, D Category for the Art of Performance “as a sign of recognition of his whole activity, for his devotion and interpretative talent in the name of stage and performing arts.” His debut was done by the album ”AN ACTOR, A ROCK’N’ROLL“.

10_Smiley1.jpg 10_Smiley2.jpg
has been known as soloist of the band Simple, but also as a solo artist. His debut albums sold very well and attracted the public sympathy.Together with Simple Band, Smiley launched five albums that got gold CD’s. In 2008 Smiley and Simple Band won the prize “Best Show” for “The History of Dancing”. The same year Smiley launched his first single album “While I was away”, that was given a Gold CD and the prize The Best Album at Romanian Music Awards. In 2012 he launched the single “Deadman Walking” which turned him into the most broadcast artist. The videoclip of the song “Deadman Walking” was a world first performance, Smiley becoming the first artist who used in a clip elements of augmented reality. The launching event was special in May 2012, in a cinema hall, with more than 300 participants.

03_Simplu1.jpg 03_Simplu2.jpg
In October 2000, two rival break dance bands – New Message from Pitesti and Extreme, from Bucharest, joined together and on December 1, 2000, the new band SIMPLU was born. Its name comes from the first letters of : Simple – Ideas - Munca (Work)-Power-Lupta (Fight)-United, being a motto for the band memers:Taz, Omu (Man), Smiley, Piticu (Dwarf), Francezu (the Frenchman), C.R.B.L.(Brain) - six young men full of life, inventiveness, experts in breakdance, well fit. After Smiley’s joining the band there came the great hits: Do You Happen to Know?, Hey, Bye!!, Let’s Fly to the Sky !, Just a second , Your beloved Half, Ten and more!

02_spitalul de urgenta1.jpg 02_spitalul de urgenta2.jpg
Literally "EMERGENCY HOSPITAL", is a Romanian pop band, integrating elements of traditional Romanian music into a sometimes hard-edged rocksound, although it also incorporates influences of diverse Balkan folk music, European classical music, and cartoon soundtrack music. The group was formed in 2000 in Bucharest. The band leader, DanHelciug, says that the name was actually derived at a time when they were playing a concert and "all the musicians arrived injured… “we looked like a band leaving a hospital". Helciug's lyrics often feature a bitter wit that does not lend itself to easy translation, especially because of his tendency to paraphrase (both musically and lyrically) pieces of well known traditional songs. For example, the chorus of their song "Trăiască Berea" ("Long Live Beer") uses a phrase from a traditional song, "Foaie verde şi-o lalea" ("Green leaf and a tulip"). Being non-conformists and spontaneous, the band members try a kind of ethno-rock (which can be called a kind of fun-pop-rock, as well- a sub-category they invented), using ironic, comical verses that the audience like so much. This band plays different styles of music as a puppeteer handles his puppet, and their music abunds in cultural, musical and political references.
Dan Helciug thes oloist of the band declared: ”We criticize the vulgar political figures, our president included, in all our songs”. The song below expresses such a point of view.